The next steps for growing our movement

In 2018, the next vision for Scouting was launched, a 5-year plan which looked to prepare more young people with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme. Vision 2023 looked to grow Scouting, making it more inclusive, shaped by young people and having a bigger impact on our communities. #Skills for Life was born.

Whilst a considerable amount of early work was undertaken with focus groups, questionnaires, and discussions across all parts of the movement, the Covid-19 Pandemic put the brakes on much of the subsequent phases with other priorities and a significant reduction in volunteering capacity. Over the last 12 months, many of the workstreams have been reactivated and there are numerous groups of volunteers and employed HQ staff undertaking much detailed activity built upon that early consultation and feedback. Now, over 10,000 people from both within and outside Scouting have been consulted. They have given their comments, opinions and suggestions as to how we can make volunteering with the Scouts easier and more fun.

What Changes are coming ?

The programme of changes and enhancements will help Scouting across several areas. We have already seen some of the changes, Squirrel Scouts, introduced in 2021 are the cornerstone of the Early Years pillar.

The next phase will be structured around four focus areas being designed for delivery to:

Creating a warmer welcome for new volunteers

This will mean using new digital tools to recruit volunteers and speed up the appointments process. The volunteer is likely to have a more relevant experience during the process for which they will be able to track progress.

Simplifying volunteering with changes to roles and team structures

The creation of a new approach to volunteering at all levels which will improve clarity of roles and simplicity of delivery to support our programme.

Making learning more valuable and convenient

Greater use of digital tools for learning which will mean volunteers have greater control of what and when they complete their learning. There will be more optional learning and a change in the composition of the Wood Badge so that it is more relevant to their needs. A reduction in the need for validation will speed up the process from completion to recognition.

Providing a new digital experience for managing adult membership data

A new digital system with a single sign-on giving access to membership information, learning, permits and awards all available through

The video below gives a good overview of the changes

As we get closer to the switchover to the new processes later in 2024, the district has run Zoom sessions covering the three main topics. To watch the recordings back click on each of the links below.

The slides (in PDF format) accompanying the zoom meetings can be downloaded using the links below

Transformation Update – Welcome

Transformation Update – Team Structure

Transformation Update – Learning

The questions and answers that were raised on each of the sessions are captured here.

If you have further questions, you can submit them through the online form here or you can send an email to the District Transformation team –




Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls