Transformation Questions & Answers

Transformation Questions & Answers

Welcome Process

  1. Who will approve Welcome Conversation Volunteers once they have watched the learning videos ?
  2. Will the Distict Lead Volunteer be involved in approving a new volunteer
  3. What will the process be for District Roles
  4. Who will coordinate the Welcome Conversation meetings and assign the accredited Welcome Conversation volunteer to support the Lead Volunteer with the meeting
  5. Will newly elected Board of Trustee members have to have a Welcome Conversation
  6. How will we manage the workload of the Welcome Conversation volunteers
  7. When should the Welcome Conversation take place


  1. Emergency Aid wasn’t shown as a mandatory item for Team Leaders of a Section – is this an omission?
  2. Young Leader training – how will this be managed in the new system?
  3. Manager/Team Leader overview – how will Team Members’ learning be monitored? At the moment (on Compass we can see what learning the team needs and how they are progressing
  4. What happens to people who end up having partially-completed their Wood Badge after the cut-off period? Does the learning they have completed get mapped across or count towards a Wood Badge?
  5. Detail about what other learning there will be appears to be very sparse (at best). We need to understand how basic practical skills will be delivered and assessed.
  6. What happens to the Training Advisor role?
  7. Will there be trainers in the new setup? How will these be nominated, trained and monitored?
  8. Will there be a better way to find Permit assessors
  9. Can we have something on opportunities to gain Activity Permits
  10. Will there be notifications when learning is due to expire
  11. How will the Wood Badge be completed in the future – points system ?


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls